Tank Trouble

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Tank Trouble: A Fun and Addictive Game That is Absolutely Free Sometimes the most addictive games come in simple form. Such is this online game called Tank Trouble. This game may look like it is easy to play because it uses very simple graphics, but once you get your hands on your keyboard to control the tank, then you will see how challenging it could be.

How to Play Tank Trouble Games

The first version of Tank Trouble only has two playing modes: 2 players and 3 players. This means that you can enjoy this with a friend or two. Player 1 can control his tank using the ESDF keys and shoot with Q. Player 2, uses the arrow keys and shoots with M. Finally, player 3 uses the mouse and shoots with the right button. The other version is Tank Trouble 2. This time there is an option for a 1-player game, where you can play against the computer named Laika. You will find that this is more difficult because you are fighting an opponent that can move smoothly and swiftly through the maze. However, if you are one who has good coordination skills, then maybe you can give Laika a good match.

The object of the game is very simple. That is to shoot your opponents. Each of you has a tank to control and the battlefield is set up in a maze. Basically, what you will see on your screen is a rectangular area filled with a labyrinth of lines. The tanks will be placed in different sections and all the players will have to find their way in the maze to get to their opponents and shoot them down. You will find that the challenge with Tank Trouble really lies on how good you can maneuver your tank through the maze, either to attack your enemies or run away from them. As a tip, try getting hold of the mouse instead of the keyboard controls. It is easier to turn your tank around by gliding your mouse in the right direction.

Play Tank Trouble and Become Addicted

There are more to the game than just shooting your enemies. You will find that there will be symbols appearing on the screen. These are the different weapons that you can use for your tank. Just simply run your tank over those symbols to activate them. Some of these weapons are homing missiles, frag bomb, Gatling gun, death ray, laser, and cannon. Another thing that you should remember is that your weapon can bounce on the lines, which means that it can turn to you and destroy you. The homing missile may also home on you, so watch its color closely because it resembles the color of the tank that it plans to destroy. Make sure also to stay away from your target when you use the frag bomb. It blows up into pieces and one of those pieces may just hit you.

You can easily play Tank Trouble online. Just browse the web and you will find that several sites offer it free. You can choose from Tank Trouble and Tank Trouble 2, and be ready to be addicted to it.